Whether you are young or old, the road to independence does not occur over night.  It is a learning process that takes years of educating yourself to be truly independent.  There are those who want to be independent and those that have found themselves in a situation that requires they become independent.  My road to independence as a female evolved because I found myself in a situation that required me to be independent; it was not a choice that I made but after ten years of living alone, I now can say that I am truly an independent individual.

Women who for different reasons such as becoming divorced, losing their husband, or those who have not found their better half should seriously look at ways they can help themselves become more independent.  All women should be independent to a certain degree whether they have a life partner or not because in life surprises and changes occur quickly.  You may be in a relationship today but you cannot guarantee what the future holds and you may be alone in the future.  All the more reason to start today becoming more independent so that you will be able to handle what comes in the future.

Becoming independent starts with stepping stone with which you consistently build on.  For example take control of your finances; if you are in a relationship you should be aware of your families’ finances, such as the bills and the amount of money coming in to cover those bills.  If there are investments or savings accounts, etc. you need to know what amounts and where these accounts are.  However, independence goes well beyond this, but it is a start.

I can say that in the last ten years I have accomplished many independent moves such as moving from one country to another myself, going back to school at age 50 and graduating summa cum laude, learning how to do plumbing, electrical work, household repairs, and the list goes on and on.

I invite women who want to become independent to join in this discussion and share your independence with me.  But especially, I want to invite those women who need to become independent to ask questions which I will try to answer.