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Author:  L. L. Plante  Posted:  January 1, 2012

Today’s society has been very accommodating in many ways to women; however someone forgot to tell us that as time goes by we become a “senior citizen”.  Sure, we have become independent and can do things for ourselves instead of relying on a male counterpart.  We are in the workforce, opinionated, and fashion savvy.   We own homes, have purchased our own vehicles, traveled the world, and faced situations that in the past, we as women, would never have accomplished on our own.  We have learned to be “street smart” and as women we have more common sense than most men!  Furthermore, we are educated; some of us have degrees, others have learned on their own through experience.   We have inserted ourselves into professions that years ago were labeled “for men only”.   Our global society and the Internet has certainly provided us guidance in becoming who we are today.   Through the Internet, we have access and knowledge that can be used to our advantage.  We have come a long way!  Through our twenty’s, thirty’s, and even our 40’s we have developed who we want to be and who we ultimately became.  We are not afraid to go out by ourselves, enjoy a good meal alone, travel alone, make major purchases with information that we can gather ourselves, and make life changing decisions.  Yes, women of today are certainly different from fifty years ago.  As a result of ever-changing advances in “youth fountains” such as plastic surgery or even the now common anti-face aging creams readily available on the market, we can look younger than what we really are.  As a result, we look young, feel young, and dress young.  Now, here is where the dilemma arises!  At what “real age” do we have to start dressing different?   Years ago, a married woman of say, thirty, was expected to dress according to her “age”.  Today, women of all ages dress how they want to dress.  This means short shorts, bikinis, halter dresses, etc.  Now, myself, up until just a few years ago I had the short skirts and the halter dresses and wore them often.  Today, I have given my short skirts away to younger women; although, I still have and wear the halter dresses and short shorts.  My question is, when and why do I have to give up the wardrobe that I have been wearing for many years?  Does society dictate what I should wear or label me if I wear what society believes to be inappropriate for my age?  Or do I go ahead and wear what I want?  As a people watcher, I see that some women wear what is considered appropriate for their age and I also see some women who are older than I am wear what younger women today are wearing.  So do I follow my sense of fashion and have society gawk and whisper or do I bow to what is considered appropriate to wear at my age?  Here I am considered a senior citizen and wondering what happened to time, how time has gone by so quickly, and wondering . . . what happened?