First of all, I’ll let you know that I am in my 60’s and I am trying to keep up with today’s technology.  So I own the Amazon Echo, which my sons bought me for my birthday, and I own an android phone.  With Alexa (Amazon Echo), I can tell her what to add to my grocery list and on my android phone, through Amazon’s web site, I can access my grocery list.

Now, there are a few places that offer their guests Wi-Fi and then there are other places that have not gotten on the “band wagon” yet.  Hey, if I can get used to using these devices then more stores and places need to offer Wi-Fi.  For example, I can access my clinic’s Wi-Fi as a guest.  Even Michael’s Craft store offers Wi-Fi.  So you can see my disappointment when my grocery store did not have Wi-Fi!

Today, I spoke to the manager of Shaw’s in Falmouth regarding the fact that they do not have Wi-Fi.  He was very nice and stated that he has asked Corporate Office about this in the past.  He also stated that after my conversation with him stating that I would have bought $40.00 more of groceries that was on my Amazon grocery list if they had had Wi-Fi.  Well, CORPORATE SHAW’S you need to get with the times and offer your customers Wi-Fi because if you do not you will lose customers who will go to Stop and Shop who has plans to offer Wi-Fi before the end of this year.  They would have had it already if it wasn’t for the Verizon strike that is going on.

Yes, I did call Stop and Shop and had a good conversation with their manager also today!  It seems that Stop and Shop has already thought of the needs of it’s customers and are in the process of offering Wi-Fi.

I also noted that I did not see Walmart offering Wi-Fi; but then maybe I was too far away, although it was in the same mall.  If Walmart does not offer Wi-Fi, then Walmart you too must get with the times!

Like I said to the Stop and Shop manager, whichever store offers Wi-Fi first gets my business!  I plan on using my devices to make my life simpler!

The point of this blog is to let all the stores and other places who do not currently offer Wi-Fi; GET ON THE BANDWAGON and with the current times and become more tech savvy for your customers as you will surely lose them to those places and stores that do offer Wi-Fi.