You wouldn’t think that there would be very many food differences between two countries so alike in many ways; you would be surprised!  When I moved from Canada to the States, I was not prepared for the foods that I would miss.  However, there were some advantages too!

In the region that I live in I cannot buy pickerel and fishing for pickerel is a huge disappointment as the fish here look like snakes; not the full belly fish that is available in Canada.  Yes, I do fish!  I soon found out that Cod (even though is a salt water fish) is very similar to Pickerel and I have replaced my fish preference over the years to Cod.  I still miss Pickerel but I have learned to adapt.

In Canada, I used to enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken.  However, it was not for the chicken but for the French fries and gravy.  Boy was I disappointed when I made my first and last visit to Kentucky Fried Chicken here!  Not only do you get mashed potatoes instead of French fries, but their gravy is of a canned consistency.  Not the gravy that used to be served in Canada that was full of spices.  I have soon found out that Canada now serves the “canned” gravy instead of the famous gravy that they were known for years ago.

Thunder Bay is famously known for their Persians; here Americans do not know what a Persian is.

Bon Bons are a Chinese dish using short ribs that are coated with flour; here Bon Bons are a candy.  In addition, you cannot buy short ribs in the grocery store to make your own!

Another food that I missed was Dill Pickle Dip; looked in every available grocery store for this particular dip and it cannot be found.  This past Christmas I decided to make my own and it turned out better than what I used to buy in the stores in Canada.

One thing that is absolutely great is that lobster is so much cheaper here than in Canada.  During some months of the year it is as cheap as $5.99 a pound; sometimes even less.  If you enjoy lobster, and I do, you can afford to eat it on a regular basis.

This past Christmas I wanted to make Butter Tarts.  The problem was that I could not find any Tart Shells in the grocery stores.  As a result, I did not make Butter Tarts.  However, I did find a place online that I can order these tart shells and that is what I will do early next year before Christmas.

These are just a few examples of the food differences between the two countries.  You learn to adjust to these differences either by substituting or making your own!