To say that I am outraged would be correct.  I was just censored by Facebook and my posts were taken down just because I was posting articles from the Internet regarding the Republican Party lies against Obama and lies that the Republican Party has told to our citizens of this country.

Now, I know politics is a touchy subject and many are Republicans and many are Liberals.  I am a Liberal and make no excuses for my affiliation to the Liberal Party.  That said, I was having a discussion with another Facebook follower.  Now this is a friend of mine, we just happen to sit on either side of the fence when it comes to politics. It was not a heated discussion but I was fed up of the lies that were being insinuated so I decided to pull some articles from the Internet and post them.  Bam, Facebook took them all down and censored my right to post my side of the political discussion.

Do we not live in a country where our Constitution defends our right to freedom of speech?  So why has Facebook censored my postings?

It seems that “Charlie” is a fact of life right here in the United States where the Constitution seems to hold no meaning in our society anymore.  Shame on you Facebook!

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