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To say that I am outraged would be correct.  I was just censored by Facebook and my posts were taken down just because I was posting articles from the Internet regarding the Republican Party lies against Obama and lies that the Republican Party has told to our citizens of this country.

Now, I know politics is a touchy subject and many are Republicans and many are Liberals.  I am a Liberal and make no excuses for my affiliation to the Liberal Party.  That said, I was having a discussion with another Facebook follower.  Now this is a friend of mine, we just happen to sit on either side of the fence when it comes to politics. It was not a heated discussion but I was fed up of the lies that were being insinuated so I decided to pull some articles from the Internet and post them.  Bam, Facebook took them all down and censored my right to post my side of the political discussion.

Do we not live in a country where our Constitution defends our right to freedom of speech?  So why has Facebook censored my postings?

It seems that “Charlie” is a fact of life right here in the United States where the Constitution seems to hold no meaning in our society anymore.  Shame on you Facebook!

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Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

L. L. Plante – January 10, 2012

After listening to Mitt Romney’s Victory Speech tonight, I have to wonder how gullible Americans really are.  First of all, his victory speech was presumable and delivered a little too early to be considered politically polite.  His attacks against President Obama make me believe that he cannot stand on his own merit.  Taking a look at some of his comments, I find it really difficult to believe that this nation would not have a hard time swallowing these statements.  Then again, I believe myself to be intelligent enough to see through the bull.

For example, his comment that President Obama takes his inspiration from the capitals of Europe instead of looking to the cities and small town of American is a play on words.  What is wrong with taking a look how other nations are conducting the business of their nations?  Can we not learn from observing others?  Mr. Romney goes on to say that the President puts his faith in government and he, Mitt Romney, puts his faith in the American people.  Well, think about that one, but not too long!  Is it not our people, such as the likes of himself, who comprise our government?  Thus one has to ask, is Mitt Romney putting down his faith in the American people with this comment?

I particularly took offense to Mitt Romney’s comment that President Obama is making the federal government bigger, burdensome, and bloated and that he will make it simpler, smaller, and smarter.  Again, think about what this means.  Bureaucracy is always burdensome and never more aggravating until you have to deal with it.  For example, take a look at the unemployment offices across the nation and how difficult it is to reach someone regarding your unemployment; time is measured in hours just trying to get through to start an unemployment claim.  Can you imagine what would happen with just this one agency if there were cutbacks?  And what about the jobs lost through downsizing?  Again, a contradictory comment if I ever saw one.  If you don’t believe me, then research how many government jobs would be lost due to downsizing and then look at Mitt Romney’s comment regarding assuring more jobs to Americans.

Next let’s look at Mitt Romney’s statement that the President raised the national debt and that he will cut, cap, and balance the budget.  Good luck!  It has taken years to reach the current plateau that we have had over the last few years in the national debt; it will take several more years to correct this debt.  These things do not happen overnight as much of us would like to believe.   As far as restoring our AAA credit rating that can only be achieved through decreasing the national debt; again something that does not occur overnight or in just a few years. A related statement from Mitt Romney is very contradictory to decreasing our national debt; Mitt Romney insists on a military so powerful no one would think of challenging it.  This is an expense that would be measured in millions of dollars and is also a contradictory statement to Mitt Romney decreasing national debt!  In addition, Mitt Romney’s statement may be perceived by the rest of the world as a challenge.  This is something that we do not want to occur; yet, it has been stated publicly now for the world to decipher.  Will this increase more terrorist attacks against our country?

There are numerous statements made by Mitt Romney in his “victory speech” tonight that should be carefully considered by Americans before believing in what this Republican is offering America.  Listen carefully, research, and make up your own mind on what Mitt Romney stated tonight in his speech; don’t take lightly what he said but use your intelligence to decipher what this man stands for.

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