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Update on Carolina Wren nest

I have disappointing news regarding my Carolina Wren’s nest and her young.  Yesterday, the baby bird that had hatched died.  After checking the two eggs that were still in the nest, I realized that these eggs should have hatched by now and did not.  Needless to say, the eggs were not going to hatch.  I had noticed that after the baby bird died, the mother and father had abandoned the nest and did not come back.

I don’t know whether to destroy the nest or leave it there for next year or perhaps they will come back and lay more eggs this year.  I think I will leave the nest there for a while and see what happens.



Well, it is always nice to be more informed on the nature in your surroundings.  I found out today that it is not a plain sparrow who has built a nest on my deck but rather a Carolina Wren.  Actually Carolina Wrens pair up and both male and female birds take care of their nest.  So, those tiny chicks that hatched yesterday on my deck are in fact Carolina Wrens.  This makes watching these baby birds grow so much more interesting!



Today, I heard a little tweeting noise coming from the sparrow’s nest on my deck.  I put my ear closer to the nest which is in a basket that I have hanging on my deck house wall.  Yes, I was sure I heard the noise.  So, I moved slowly some of the artificial flowers and out came the mother sparrow.  Okay, good now I can try to take a look down the nest.  Yes, I saw a baby sparrow with its mouth wide open making a peeping noise!  Now, I am not sure if it is just one baby or more than one (there were three eggs) but it sure sounds like more than one baby.

I can’t take pictures yet, as these babies are too far down the nest but I am sure as they grow I will be able to provide you with some pictures.  Stay tuned!

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who enjoyed reading my post on the sparrow bird’s nest and eggs on my deck.

The sparrow has been sitting on her eggs and is quite camouflaged from the world.  She does not seem to be bothered by two barking dogs or noise of any kind on the deck.  I believe that she thinks her nest is quite safe.

I will keep you informed on the development of these eggs and hopefully will be able to provide pictures once the eggs have hatched.




Well, I was wondering why I had on pesky sparrow hanging around my deck that even my dogs could not scare away.  She became pretty vocal yesterday nattering away as if to give me shit and that the deck was her home.

I found out why today when after looking everywhere on my deck for a nest I finally found her hiding spot above my deck table within a basket that I have some artificial flowers and vines.  She had weaved a pretty big nest out of leaves and other things and within that nest were three eggs.  She is now sitting in that nest for the night.  It should be pretty interesting watching those eggs hatch and watching the baby birds grow as I really have a “birds eye” view from my deck table.  Here is a picture of where this sparrow chose to build her nest and lay her eggs.

I will definitely be posting the progress with hopefully some more pictures.





For a month now I have seen hummingbirds on my deck.  This is the earliest that I have spotted hummingbirds in my area so I am very pleased.  Thank goodness I did put out the hummingbird feeder because they have been drinking from it.  I think they must also like the flowers that I have planted this year and that is what is attracting them to my deck.  I say “them” because I know there is more than one hummingbird coming to my deck.  I have seen a green and red hummingbird, which I have named “Red”.  However, I have also seen more than once, a ruby throat hummingbird within arms length which I have name “Ruby Red”!  The funny thing is that my dogs were also on the deck barking at a car coming up the driveway when I was so close to Ruby Red and he just kept drinking from the hummingbird feeder.

This is the earliest I have seen hummingbirds on my deck so I am wondering when my flowers really grow what I am going to see!

These little birds love to sit on top of my tomato cages and rest.  One day I watch from my slider a hummingbird just sitting still, not flapping his wings and taking a good look around my deck as if to take note of what flowers he will be drinking from in the future.

Hummingbirds are fun to watch and I am really enjoying this special treat!


English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hummingbirds are such interesting creatures!  I designed my deck to attract hummingbirds and have not been disappointed.  Of course, I have been waiting all summer long for their return; well return they did!

They seem to like sitting on my tomato cages and flying back and forth to the hummingbird feeder and they are on my deck constantly these last few days.

What I find interesting and did not think I would ever see is a hummingbird sitting and pruning its feathers right in front of me.  Usually when you see a hummingbird its wings are going a hundred miles a minute, so to actually catch one just sitting without using its wings is a treat!  My hummingbird will sit on one of my tomato cages and start pruning its feathers and I have even caught him drinking from the hummingbird feeder while just sitting on the edge and not hovering as they usually do.

The treat just a few minutes ago was watching one hummingbird chase another hummingbird off my deck and then sit on the tomato cage as if to say “this is my territory”.

I just wish that I could take a picture once of my hummingbird but I am either so close I do not want to disturb the little feller or I grab my camera and he flies away.  Will keep trying and if I do get a decent shot I will be sure to publish the picture.

It is the simple pleasures of life that make your day and watching the hummingbirds is a special treat for me!

English: Hummingbirds feeding

English: Hummingbirds feeding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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