We all need them from your Social Security to your driver’s license; however, at one point in time we all curse their existence.  Why is it that an office that is supposed to be run and should employ professional people make so many mistakes?  I am sure that every one of you has been in this situation at least once where you shake your head and wonder how a government employee can be so inept at their job.

Then there are the incredulously dumb decisions that governmental officials make from time to time.  Example in point, shutting down a DMV office and making individuals drive more than twenty-five miles to the next DMV office when in fact the office that was closed was busy all the time.  So, what happens?  You drive twenty-five miles to the next office and stand in a line that is so large that when you get close to the doors it is closing time and you have to drive home and try again the next day.

It’s the little things that drive us around the bend and make us wonder who are these officials that make these calls.

Well, there is a rumor that they will be re-opening a DMV office in our town in a couple of years; I am hoping that it is more than a rumor and when I have to get my license renewed I can do it where I live instead of traveling more than twenty-five miles.