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It is surprising how a few days of heat and a bit of rain will make your garden flourish!  I have been eating cucumbers on a daily basis and one of my green peppers is almost ready to pick.  The second planting of lettuce is coming up nicely and I have tomatoes galore growing.  My flowers are all in bloom and my patio deck gardenia is still providing me with one beautiful flower at a time.

I have added a new indoor plant to my collection.  I don’t know the name of this plant but it looks like rope from a distance and is very long.  It is some type of cactus and is unusual.  I have added some pictures of this new plant.

Enjoy these pictures!

















Finally I see some growth in the seeds and bulbs I planted within my little greenhouse.  There is lettuce and green onions growing.  There are astillbe bulbs up about three inches.  Also my chives have been growing for a few weeks and I have used most of what has grown to cook with.  Enjoy these pictures!



Spring is just around the corner and preparations have begun on my deck gardens.  I did purchase the perfect size green house for a mere $15.00 at Job Lot to start my seeds in.  It is working out great!

In the meantime I thought that I would take pictures of some of my plants including the tropical plants that I bring in for the summer.  It will be so nice to get these large plants out of my home and back on the decks!

You will notice that my Blue Agave is tied up and that is because it has very large thorns that really hurt when you brush up against it!  Last fall I used cuttings to start a new citronella plant to cut down on space in my home; it has grown quite nicely and will be transplanted into the bigger pot come spring.  My cactuses are starting to grow quite nicely and perhaps I will get flowers this year. My Dumb Cane plant which I had to cut down last year is taller than it was last year when I cut it down; it won’t be fun trying to get this plant and another taller plant through my sliders to my deck!

Well summer is almost over although we are still getting some warm days and my deck garden has flourished throughout the summer.  I planted egg-plant quite late in the season (after middle of August) but yet it still has produced two egg plants that are not quite ready to pick but are getting big.  My succulents are growing everywhere and are quite beautiful!  My polka dot begonia is more than 4 feet high and has beautiful leaves and flowers!  Tomatoes are still growing and I have enjoyed eating the cherry tomatoes, red tomatoes, and yellow tomatoes.  I have harvested a lot of peppers, green, sweet mini, and red, and there are still more growing. The cucumbers are almost finished now and the same can be said for the lettuce and green beans; however it was wonderful having these veggies to eat!  My tropical plants are huge and it is going to be difficult to get them in the house; I will have to bring them in sideways!  All my flowers have not disappointed me and are still growing strong.  My Orchid Cactus’s are growing but no flowers this year; next year should produce flowers.  I also took a couple of pictures of my “rug rats”; Sammy, the red Chi-Pom, Nikki, my Silky Yorke, and Georgie, my Man Coon cat sleeping.  Enjoy the pictures, they will probably be the last of this season!!!  See you next spring!



My Deck Garden August 5, 2015

It’s the beginning of August 2015 and I am happy to report that my deck garden is growing very well!  The succulent plants that I bought from Roberta’s Garden (Living mat) are amazing and they are perennials which is also great!  My rose-bush has been in bloom for quite some time giving me a dozen roses at a time.  I am on my second planting of lettuce and I also planted some more mini sweet peppers and they are growing! My mini sweet peppers have produced quite a few peppers which I have eaten and there are still more growing.  My green peppers are everywhere and I am happy that they are co-habitating with my tomato plants.  I have eaten cherry tomatoes every day and today I actually ate some of my regular tomatoes, instead of giving them away.  I cannot say enough about my spotted begonia….it is beautiful!  Enjoy the pictures!!


DSCF0259 DSCF0258 DSCF0257 DSCF0256 DSCF0254 DSCF0254 DSCF0253 DSCF0252 DSCF0251 DSCF0250 DSCF0249 DSCF0248 DSCF0247 DSCF0246 DSCF0245 DSCF0244 DSCF0243 DSCF0242 DSCF0241 DSCF0240 DSCF0239 DSCF0238 DSCF0237 DSCF0236 DSCF0235 DSCF0234 DSCF0233 DSCF0232

How nice to be able to make my own flower arrangement from flowers I have picked from my Deck Garden! Easy arrangement with a bit of citronella and Dahlias! Enjoy!


DSCF0225 DSCF0226

My Deck Garden 2015

Everything has now been planted on my Deck Garden for 2015.  I have lettuce that is already starting to grow and my chives are quite high already.  There are many tomato plants including cherry, red, and yellow.  My peppers are also planted and one pepper that I started inside is quite large already.  I have already picked green onions and have more growing.  My cucumbers have some flowers already but need to start climbing.  There are hanging pots with orchid cactuses on the deck because I need to bring them in before night as it needs to be 55 degrees at night for them to stay outside.  I also bring in my spotted begonia until the weather gets better.  I put out my citronella plant and it is staying out now.  On my front deck and back deck I have Mandevilla plants and they are doing fine.  I also put out my Tequila cactus and another perennial on my front deck and they are also staying outside.  I still have four tropical plants that will go on the front deck once the weather is warm enough. In the barrel on the front deck I am growing a yellow rose and some out plants.  I have planted succulent plants on both decks and it is nice to see the flowers on them already.  Not much to look at now but give it time and everything will look great!  Enjoy the pictures!

DSCF0051 DSCF0050 DSCF0049 DSCF0048 DSCF0047 DSCF0046 DSCF0045 DSCF0044 DSCF0043 DSCF0042 DSCF0041 DSCF0040 DSCF0039 DSCF0038 DSCF0037 DSCF0036 DSCF0035 DSCF0034 DSCF0033 DSCF0032 DSCF0031 DSCF0030 DSCF0029 DSCF0028 DSCF0027 DSCF0026 DSCF0025 DSCF0024 DSCF0023 DSCF0022 DSCF0021

The decks are ready for planting and enjoying outdoor life and although there are signs of some growth such as my chives and buds on my honeysuckle not much else is growing right now.  DSCF0008 DSCF0009 DSCF0010 DSCF0011 DSCF0014 DSCF0015 DSCF0016 DSCF0017 DSCF0018 DSCF0020 Peppers Polka Dot BegoniaI have planted lChivesettuce and green onions and soon I am sure they will start to grow.  It is a good starting point for this growing season and as it becomes more green I will post new pictures!




It’s been a busy summer and I cannot remember the last time I published pictures of my deck garden. It has been a success! I have been eating cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and green peppers. I have a lot of peppers growing and I am on my second planting of lettuce. The larger tomatoes are still growing and some are turning color – can’t wait to eat those! My front deck is like a jungle with tropical plants and flowering plants and people driving by and walking by comment on the color of my flowers. So here goes – more pictures – enjoy!


DSCF0423 DSCF0424 DSCF0425 DSCF0426 DSCF0426 DSCF0427 DSCF0428 DSCF0429 DSCF0430 DSCF0431 DSCF0432 DSCF0433 DSCF0434 DSCF0435 DSCF0436 DSCF0437 DSCF0433 DSCF0439 DSCF0440 DSCF0441 DSCF0442 DSCF0443 DSCF0445 DSCF0446 DSCF0447 DSCF0448 DSCF0449 DSCF0450

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