I want to call attention to all Police Officers and other individuals, especially in Falmouth, who automatically assume that all vehicles are automatic and have automatic windows that roll down at a touch of a button.  DO NOT ASSUME that a car has the capability of pushing a button to roll down a window.  I drive a standard vehicle and twice now in the last month I have had two police officers assume that I could roll down my passenger window to talk to them.  Let it be known, that in order for me to roll down the passenger window, I have to shut my car off so that I can take off my seat belt so that I can lean over so that I can manually roll down my window so that you can talk to me, instead of you walking over to the driver’s side of the vehicle to talk to me.  When I motion you to come over to my side it is for a valid reason.  Please take notes!!!

My vehicle may not look like your typical manual vehicle and you may not think that a female can drive a manual vehicle but both are true.

So next time I motion to you to come to the driver’s side window, it is for a valid reason!  Don’t be so rude to me and take a few steps, and don’t be so lazy, over to the correct side of the vehicle for talking to the driver.  Because what I have to go through just to open that passenger window is also painful for me as a person who has disabilities!