Comcast blows (and perjures themselves)

Comcast blows (and perjures themselves) (Photo credit: pmsyyz)

English: Comcast service van, Ypsilanti Townsh...

English: Comcast service van, Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my pet peeves is being controlled by Corporate Monopolies!  Recently, I was irritated by the fact that my Comcast year is up soon and will be starting the second year of a “package” deal.  Before I moved to my present residence, which is only a couple of miles from my last residence, I enjoyed a package deal for several years with Verizon that covered my telephone, DSL, and cell phone.  Including long distance to Canada, my bill was approximately $130.00 per month and had not changed drastically in several years.  Oh how I miss Verizon!  When I moved to my current residence, I had no choice but to go with Comcast because Verizon was not in this area.  So, Comcast set me up with a “package” deal that included my land phone, cable, and their Internet high-speed; the cost $113.00 per month.  Now, my year is up and so are my costs!  Starting next month, I will have to pay $20.00 more per month (that’s $240.00 more per year) for the same services.  On top of that, after my second year is up the cost goes up another $20.00 per month (at that stage it puts my bill at $153.00 per month!  And that does not cover my cell phone!


I think it is time that we all complain about how these corporations think that they have you by the barrel!  For me, I have decided that I will be opting out of their “package” deal and just getting basic cable bringing my bill back to what I am currently paying.  Hey, I asked them if that was the best they could do for me and they kept pushing their “package”; well I just do not think it is worth having so many television channels that have duplicate shows on those channels for such a hefty cost out of my pocket that will go up yet again the year after.  That’s my way of combating these corporations that monopolize you by being the only “show in town”.  I am fed up and will not be held hostage!



English: Comcast Center, the headquarters of C...

English: Comcast Center, the headquarters of Comcast – nearly completed, photographed 3/14/08 Español: Comcast Center, la sede del Comcast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)