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Next time you need to get one of your drug prescriptions re-filled you may find these facts interesting.  In order to obtain a drug prescription re-fill you will have to make an appointment to see your doctor.  There is usually a co-pay of at least $10 for a doctor’s visit.  Now, in order to go to your doctor’s appointment you will have to take probably at least 2 hours off work (including travel time to and from the doctor’s office and hoping that your doctor’s appointment schedule for that day is running smoothly and he/she is not running late or at the hospital seeing patients).  So, you now have your prescription in hand and are heading to the pharmacy where again there is another cost added, the cost of actually filling your prescription, which could be upwards from a $20 co-pay to paying the full cost of your prescription.  Got your attention yet???

Yes, that prescription which you probably only think of the actual cost of the prescription does have added costs that may surprise you when you actually think through the process.

So, in addition to a co-pay or full payment of your prescription you should be adding the cost of the doctor’s visit and the time you had to take off work to actually visit your doctor to have your prescription re-filled.