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Deck Gardening 2016

This year I grew potatoes in a pot on my deck; as you will see from these pictures it is very easy to grow potatoes in a pot and big ones!  My tomatoes this year are large, tasty, and abundant!  Even my peppers are abundant and large.  I am still waiting for my sweet mini peppers but the plants are finally at a large height.  My regular green peppers are still producing peppers!  Enjoy these pictures!




I want to call attention to all Police Officers and other individuals, especially in Falmouth, who automatically assume that all vehicles are automatic and have automatic windows that roll down at a touch of a button. DO NOT ASSUME that a car has the capability of pushing a button to roll down a window. I drive […]

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It is surprising how a few days of heat and a bit of rain will make your garden flourish!  I have been eating cucumbers on a daily basis and one of my green peppers is almost ready to pick.  The second planting of lettuce is coming up nicely and I have tomatoes galore growing.  My flowers are all in bloom and my patio deck gardenia is still providing me with one beautiful flower at a time.

I have added a new indoor plant to my collection.  I don’t know the name of this plant but it looks like rope from a distance and is very long.  It is some type of cactus and is unusual.  I have added some pictures of this new plant.

Enjoy these pictures!
















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