There have been some significant changes since the last time I posted pictures of my deck gardens.  I have re-planted new lettuce seeds in one bed because the lettuce was done; however, while that grows, I have another bed of lettuce to use!  My cucumber plants are huge and are sporting tiny cucumbers with many more to come because there are so many flowers; I have taken a picture of the tiny cucumbers.  My tomato plants now have tiny tomatoes on them; again I have taken a picture of the tomatoes.  In addition, my peppers also have tiny peppers and I have taken a picture of that.  My potato plants are growing and that is a good sign.  I thought that my peas had stopped producing peas but today I see that there are more flowers on the plants.  Great, more peas!

There are pictures of my two dogs on the deck; I could not resist!

There  is a picture of what may look like a small weed; that is a picture of one of my sweet mini-peppers that are growing.  Sweet mini-peppers are not easy to grow here because they require a lot of heat; but every year I grow them from seed and every year they produce the peppers that are so tasty!

My patio gardenia tree is doing great and produces one flower at a time at this point.  I took a picture of the one flower that is starting to wilt but I know there is another bud on the tree.  All my flowers are doing great and I tried to take some close up shots of some of the unusual flowers that I am growing.

The hummingbirds are constant visitors on my deck; they love to sit on my tomato cages and drink from the hummingbird feeders. Today a male and female yellow chickadees sat on my tomato cages.

Enjoy these pictures!