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There have been some significant changes since the last time I posted pictures of my deck gardens.  I have re-planted new lettuce seeds in one bed because the lettuce was done; however, while that grows, I have another bed of lettuce to use!  My cucumber plants are huge and are sporting tiny cucumbers with many more to come because there are so many flowers; I have taken a picture of the tiny cucumbers.  My tomato plants now have tiny tomatoes on them; again I have taken a picture of the tomatoes.  In addition, my peppers also have tiny peppers and I have taken a picture of that.  My potato plants are growing and that is a good sign.  I thought that my peas had stopped producing peas but today I see that there are more flowers on the plants.  Great, more peas!

There are pictures of my two dogs on the deck; I could not resist!

There  is a picture of what may look like a small weed; that is a picture of one of my sweet mini-peppers that are growing.  Sweet mini-peppers are not easy to grow here because they require a lot of heat; but every year I grow them from seed and every year they produce the peppers that are so tasty!

My patio gardenia tree is doing great and produces one flower at a time at this point.  I took a picture of the one flower that is starting to wilt but I know there is another bud on the tree.  All my flowers are doing great and I tried to take some close up shots of some of the unusual flowers that I am growing.

The hummingbirds are constant visitors on my deck; they love to sit on my tomato cages and drink from the hummingbird feeders. Today a male and female yellow chickadees sat on my tomato cages.

Enjoy these pictures!


It is surprising what a bit of sun and rain will do to make your garden grow!  I have been eating lots of raw peas for two weeks now; very tasty!  My tomato plants very grown and have flowers on most of them now.  My potato plants finally came up and my cucumber plants are huge with flowers and tiny cucumbers on them.  Even my mini sweet peppers that I planted from taking the seeds from the peppers are up!  I have one flower on my regular peppers but they have grown in the last week.

My annual flowers have spread and have beautiful colorful flowers.  I had to dig up and take many roots off of one of my tropical plants as the roots were wrapping around the tropical itself; I would have liked to have gotten another bigger planter but could not find any in the store this time of the year.  My patio gardenia has produced three beautiful white flowers and I noticed today that there is another bud waiting to open.  And my rose bush has one flower just about ready to open.

All in all, at this point in time, I am very pleased with my garden!  Enjoy these pictures!

It is the second day of June and finally I can see a difference in most of the things I have planted, except my potatoes! Cucumbers are really growing and my green beans have finally sprouted. My peas are full of flowers which are a beautiful white and my second planting of lettuce is coming up.  My deck gardenia tree finally gave me a beautiful white flower, which I picked and brought into the house because it smells exotic and there is another flower bud on the tree.  All my tropical plants are outside now and adjusting to the outdoors.  My tomato trees, which I thought would die, are coming up; I am not sure at this point in time if they will grow as tall as they are supposed to.  Time will tell.  Enjoy these pictures!

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