Except for cucumbers, my deck garden is planted for the season.  Now, it is too early for my tropical to go outside but the rest is done.

I decided to do a nice clay pot that I painted the trim and placed succulent plants inside for inside and outside on my table when the weather is warmer.




The empty pots have potatoes growing inside them and this year I bought two tomato trees.  Unfortunately, the tomato trees were damaged during delivery and I am not sure if they will grow or not.  My lettuce is ready for eating and I have eaten green onions already with more already planted.  I also decide to grow peas this year too!  Enjoy the pictures and there will be more to come when the tropical plants go on the deck.  I also had a patio gardenia tree and you will not believe the size of my polka dot begonia!  These are inside until the weather warms up!

Last note, I saw on my deck drinking from my hummingbird feeder my first hummingbird of the season!

Enjoy these pictures!