Spring is just around the corner and preparations have begun on my deck gardens.  I did purchase the perfect size green house for a mere $15.00 at Job Lot to start my seeds in.  It is working out great!

In the meantime I thought that I would take pictures of some of my plants including the tropical plants that I bring in for the summer.  It will be so nice to get these large plants out of my home and back on the decks!

You will notice that my Blue Agave is tied up and that is because it has very large thorns that really hurt when you brush up against it!  Last fall I used cuttings to start a new citronella plant to cut down on space in my home; it has grown quite nicely and will be transplanted into the bigger pot come spring.  My cactuses are starting to grow quite nicely and perhaps I will get flowers this year. My Dumb Cane plant which I had to cut down last year is taller than it was last year when I cut it down; it won’t be fun trying to get this plant and another taller plant through my sliders to my deck!