It is surprising how fast rumors that hold just a glimpse of truth make their way around so quickly.  What is even more surprising is that these rumors are taken as the truth when in fact if you do your research you will find how far from the truth these rumors may be.  Every day someone hears something from someone else stating a fact (which is really just a rumor) about someone, a product, or a business that is derogatory in nature.  I, myself, have heard my share of rumors during my lifetime.  However, before accepting these statements as true, I do my research first and then form my own opinion.  This is something we are all taught during our educational years; do your research and find out the facts before you believe anything you are told!

A good current example is the rumor that the product “Wen” causes your hair to fall out and that there is a class action suit against Guthrie Renky and Chaz Dean.  Here we go; this is partly true.  Yes there is a class action suit (approximately six individuals) who claim that their hair fell out while using the product Wen.  However, what is not being cited is that they have yet to prove that this product is the cause of their hair loss, nor that any ingredient used in this product is harmful to your hair.

Not only was I told this rumor but when I did a simple web search I found several sites that mentioned this lawsuit but did not give all the facts.

The facts are that these rumors were started by hairstylists and hair salons and they used this announcement in a “stylistic format” leading many to believe that this was being reported as news when in fact the circulating link was to a blog that covered class action lawsuits; it was not a news article that would determine the merits of the claims.

Any popular consumer product would have similar complaints on the Internet, but the circulating rumors lack is what is cited as the culprit, an ingredient or other factor differentiating Wen from other products that could cause users to lose significant amounts of hair.  Furthermore, the rumors also lack the details about whether the claimants believed Wen hair products caused hair to fall out at the root or were rather somehow damaging and breaking hair without consistent set of incidents (using a straightening iron, hair blower, bleach products, etc.).

For example, women can have hair thinning and loss for a variety of reasons such as heat styling tools, hormonal fluctuations, stress, etc. and how would these individuals know for sure whether it is a product they are using on their hair, styling tools, dyes, stress, medication, or hormonal fluctuations?

As I have already mentioned, when you hear or read something, first do your research before you believe what you have been told or read.  Do a thorough research first and don’t rely on web sites that are “suspect” such as Wikipedia which anyone can alter!