Well summer is almost over although we are still getting some warm days and my deck garden has flourished throughout the summer.  I planted egg-plant quite late in the season (after middle of August) but yet it still has produced two egg plants that are not quite ready to pick but are getting big.  My succulents are growing everywhere and are quite beautiful!  My polka dot begonia is more than 4 feet high and has beautiful leaves and flowers!  Tomatoes are still growing and I have enjoyed eating the cherry tomatoes, red tomatoes, and yellow tomatoes.  I have harvested a lot of peppers, green, sweet mini, and red, and there are still more growing. The cucumbers are almost finished now and the same can be said for the lettuce and green beans; however it was wonderful having these veggies to eat!  My tropical plants are huge and it is going to be difficult to get them in the house; I will have to bring them in sideways!  All my flowers have not disappointed me and are still growing strong.  My Orchid Cactus’s are growing but no flowers this year; next year should produce flowers.  I also took a couple of pictures of my “rug rats”; Sammy, the red Chi-Pom, Nikki, my Silky Yorke, and Georgie, my Man Coon cat sleeping.  Enjoy the pictures, they will probably be the last of this season!!!  See you next spring.

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