Grocery stores use many tricks in order for you to buy at their store such as incentives, sales, etc.  However, I have to wonder what happened to the scales that were strategically placed throughout the fresh vegetables and fruit sections of any grocery store.  Where have they disappeared to???  Instead of being able to weigh fresh fruits such as grapes, we are left with pre-bagged amounts.  Many shoppers will take out the fruit in order to purchase a smaller amount and leave the fruit on top of other bags.  Still even if you do this, you still have no idea how much the fruit weighs and how much it will actually cost you until you get to the checkout.

Those who are on a tight budget have a hard time buying this pre-bagged fruit because they have no idea how much they are buying until it is too late.

I don’t know why the grocery stores took out the weigh scales, but I believe that they should bring them back and allow shoppers to weigh and buy what they can afford.  These grocery stores even may find that some shoppers would buy more and those who are on a tight budget may actually buy more fresh fruit if they knew in advance the cost.