Have you ever noticed or have been the recipient of either a watch or clock as a retirement gift from either the company or corporation that you have worked for or fellow employees upon retiring?

It seems to be “the gift” to give to a retiring employee.  I received a clock upon retiring and don’t get me wrong it was a nice clock.  I know of many friends or acquaintances who have either received a clock which is usually engraved or a watch that is engraved.  Like I have said, it seems to be the number one retirement gift to give.

Now, I am sure that we have appreciated these clocks/watches but I have to wonder who started this particular number one gift?  To me, retiring means have all the time in the world to do what you want to do; to not worry about the time of day but rather to sleep in, stay up late, not worry about what time of the day it is.

So why is it that the number one retirement gift is either a watch or clock?

It would seem that there would be more appropriate gifts to bestow on someone who has decided to retire.  An example would be a simple plaque with something memorable engraved and perhaps a small retirement bond instead of trying to remind a retired person what time of the day it is.  Or perhaps a nice vacation package to start a new retirement’s future?  There are so many other gifts that could be given that, in my opinion, would be better suited.

So, keep in mind when there is an employee in your organization or office ready to retire and fellow employees are wondering what gift to give that retiring employee that there are  better gifts than a clock or watch!