Hi there, well most of my plants and flowers on my decks are doing great.  My tropical plants and my hibiscus have suffered a bit from the rather cold spring but I am sure that they will bounce back when the humid hot weather arrives.  I have two new plants, a citronella and a honeysuckle which is just starting to open its flowers.  So between these two new plants and my lavender and jasmine, my deck should smell pretty good this summer.  I have eaten lots of lettuce already and my cucumber plants are coming along and should be climbing soon.  Tomatoes and peppers are also doing great with flowers on both.  You can also see my new Japanese Poppy (bright orange big flower with other buds waiting to bloom)  My sweet peas are growing and will be climbing soon.  Between the sweet peas, moon flowers and other trailing plants, my front deck should look very colorful in the next month or so (depending on our weather)  Enjoy the pictures!