For a month now I have seen hummingbirds on my deck.  This is the earliest that I have spotted hummingbirds in my area so I am very pleased.  Thank goodness I did put out the hummingbird feeder because they have been drinking from it.  I think they must also like the flowers that I have planted this year and that is what is attracting them to my deck.  I say “them” because I know there is more than one hummingbird coming to my deck.  I have seen a green and red hummingbird, which I have named “Red”.  However, I have also seen more than once, a ruby throat hummingbird within arms length which I have name “Ruby Red”!  The funny thing is that my dogs were also on the deck barking at a car coming up the driveway when I was so close to Ruby Red and he just kept drinking from the hummingbird feeder.

This is the earliest I have seen hummingbirds on my deck so I am wondering when my flowers really grow what I am going to see!

These little birds love to sit on top of my tomato cages and rest.  One day I watch from my slider a hummingbird just sitting still, not flapping his wings and taking a good look around my deck as if to take note of what flowers he will be drinking from in the future.

Hummingbirds are fun to watch and I am really enjoying this special treat!