Well, I am still waiting for spring to arrive and as I wait and gather some gardening tools, I am pondering certain things.  First of all, I invested in one of those pocket garden hoses and I am anxious to see how well it will work for me and my gardening on my decks.  I am sure it will be better than using a milk jug to water my plants as this method took me an hour each day to accomplish.

My daffodils came up but then were frost-bitten by the cold.  My chives from last year made the winter and have sprouted up.  The one tomato plant that I brought into my home has blessed me with one tomato (so far!) and there are other flowers on the scrawny plant.  I am able to say that I have the first tomato of the season!  In addition, my hibiscus has been blooming for the last couple of weeks and has new leaves and flower buds on it.  I keep it right in front of the slider window so it is getting more sunlight as the sun gets stronger.

I can’t wait to start this year’s garden!  I have several seeds that I was able to save from last year from my sweet peas and my moon flower.  In addition, I was introduced to some lovely petite sweet peppers and I have managed to save the seeds from these delicious peppers and dry them out.  I am anxious to see if I will be able to grow these lovely red, yellow, and orange peppers.

I plan on growing more peppers and tomatoes this year as I can freeze these items.  Of course I will still grow cucumbers and lettuce for salads.

I think after all the rain and snow we have had this winter that it is going to be a dry summer.  Still, it is too cold to put any of my garden plants or tropical plants outside yet.  It will be a while before I can do that.