insurance broker

insurance broker (Photo credit: Elva Keaton)

I just received my new yearly policy in the mail today and to my horror, my premium has gone up by $100.00.  I have not been in any accidents, not had any DUI’s, not had any break-ins, and I have not bought another vehicle.

You would think that with a 99 rating and my vehicle being a year older than last year that my premium would be less than last year, not more.

This same thing happened to me last year when I received my yearly premium notice and phoned my insurance company who found me someone cheaper.  Again, it is happening this year.  Seems to me that the insurance companies plan on doing this and hope that we do not notice the increase and just go ahead and pay our car insurance.

For me, I save all year so that when my insurance comes due I can pay the total amount owed.  I am really getting sick of being taken advantage of.

So, again this year, I am going to have to contact my insurance agent and see why the increase and what other company they can find for me that gives me a realistic yearly premium.

It seems nowadays that you have to check everything and fight for reasonable rates.  It really does get tiring.

Now, I really liked the car policy and company I was with but not $100 more!  You would think that these car insurance companies would keep their rates reasonable to keep the customers that they already have.