Web Applications in Real Life

Web Applications in Real Life (Photo credit: HubSpot)

In today’s society applying for a position may involve filling in one of those internet application forms that many employers have on their web sites.   The advantage to applying for a position using an existing employer’s web site application form is that once you have completed the steps, your application for the position is in the hands of the employer immediately.    This is quicker than sending your application by mail to the perspective employer.   This is where technology today is beneficial for both the employer and any perspective employees competing for a particular position.

However, there are certain drawbacks that you should be aware of.   First of all, you should realize that even though these web-based applications usually allow you to upload your resume, the employer initially will screen these applications by what information you provide them in these pre-set questions within these web applications they provide.  If the employer does not see what he/she wants to see then they are not going to waste their time downloading and reading your personal resume.  That little tidbit can be problematic when the employer is using an outdated internet application form.

Case in point is that most employers are using outdated application forms that do not allow a perspective employee to list prior employment in different countries.  Next time you are filling out one of these online forms look at how they are set up.  You will note that most forms will ask you for the employer’s name, address, city, and STATE.  So, if you have worked for an employer for any length of time that you would like to show the employer certain skills that you have and this employer resides outside of the United States; you are out of luck.

Now, you may think that this is okay because you have listed these credentials on your resume which you were able to upload with the online application; you would be wrong.  Remember, the purpose of these online applications is so that the employer can quickly set aside those applicants they are not interested in because of their work experience or lack of just by looking at these online application forms.  So, if your skills or experience are not listed because of a lack of ability to complete this section, the employer is not going to bother looking at your personal resume.

Not all employers use the same internet application forms; I have come across a few that allow you to give an address outside of the United States.   However, I find that the majority of these forms do not.

To me this begs the question; is the employer’s internet application out of date or is the employer being discriminatory?

What are your thoughts?