English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hummingbirds are such interesting creatures!  I designed my deck to attract hummingbirds and have not been disappointed.  Of course, I have been waiting all summer long for their return; well return they did!

They seem to like sitting on my tomato cages and flying back and forth to the hummingbird feeder and they are on my deck constantly these last few days.

What I find interesting and did not think I would ever see is a hummingbird sitting and pruning its feathers right in front of me.  Usually when you see a hummingbird its wings are going a hundred miles a minute, so to actually catch one just sitting without using its wings is a treat!  My hummingbird will sit on one of my tomato cages and start pruning its feathers and I have even caught him drinking from the hummingbird feeder while just sitting on the edge and not hovering as they usually do.

The treat just a few minutes ago was watching one hummingbird chase another hummingbird off my deck and then sit on the tomato cage as if to say “this is my territory”.

I just wish that I could take a picture once of my hummingbird but I am either so close I do not want to disturb the little feller or I grab my camera and he flies away.  Will keep trying and if I do get a decent shot I will be sure to publish the picture.

It is the simple pleasures of life that make your day and watching the hummingbirds is a special treat for me!

English: Hummingbirds feeding

English: Hummingbirds feeding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)