As you can see my garden is growing.  Now I apologize some pictures are not right side up but it is so hot that I have run out of patience! lol lol  My lettuce was taken up on Sunday and new seeds planted; they are already up!  I have been eating cucumbers and grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and regular tomatoes and as you can see there are plenty more to ripen yet!  I still have flowers coming out on my cucumbers which means more cucumbers!  I have had several great green bean meals and more are growing.  I eat strawberries every morning and there are still strawberries that need to ripen on the plants.

The humid hot weather has taken its toll on some of my flowers but they are surviving and getting their second wind with the petunias getting new flower buds.  My tropical plants are thriving and growing and look at the size of my citrus tree???  It has expanded in width to the point where I am wondering where in my home I am going to keep it this winter!