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As promised here are more pictures of what my deck garden looks like today (July 2nd, 2013)! As you can see I have trained my cucumbers to grow on the deck railing and the cucumbers are almost ready to eat.  You cannot see that my green bean plants do have beans and they are ready to eat; think I will be having fresh green beans for dinner tomorrow!  I have been eating strawberries and they are bigger than the first strawberries and very sweet!  I also have green peppers as you will see in one picture.  As you can see I have tomatoes on every tomato plant and my grape tomato plant has so many flowers on it too that I know I am going to have an abundance of grape tomatoes!  I cannot wait to eat some tomatoes!  I have been using the lettuce for quite some time now and pretty soon I will have to start a second harvest of lettuce.

On the front deck all my flowers are doing great!  I have sunflowers that are as tall as the railings now and I can see the start of flowers on them.  My moon flower is really creeping but no flowers yet!  All my flowering plants such as my pansies are beautiful and the pansies really create a beautiful hanging basket.

Well that’s all for today!  I would say that my deck garden has already been a huge success!  Think I will expand on it next year!