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As promised here are pictures of my deck gardens taken today, June 16, 2013.  As you can see my strawberries are doing great and I have eaten some although they were small; hoping that there will eventually be bigger strawberries!  My tomato plants are also growing and although you cannot see in these pictures, I do have some grape tomatoes on one of the plants.

All my flowers are doing great and there are sunflowers growing on the front deck.  I also have a moon flower vine growing on the front deck; it is hanging above the petunias and climbing towards the roof.

My sweet peas are also starting to climb – downward – which is what I was hoping would happen.  I have a jasmine on the back deck in the corner with white flowers.

I have been eating lettuce from the container I started this year; however, lettuce is also growing in a container on the front deck which I did not plant this year but used that container last year!  Go figure!

My green beans are growing and although you cannot see yet, there are flowers just about ready to bloom.  As you can see my cucumbers are climbing and I am trying to train them to climb around the railing with a bit of string.

Well, that’s my update for now!  Will take more pictures when the beans are out, the cucumbers are growing on the vines, and the tomatoes are bigger!