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Today is May 21st, 2013 and as promised I am sharing with you my deck garden that I have described in recent blogs.  Now be nice to me, I am not a professional photographer nor do I have an expensive camera; just enjoy what I am trying to share with you!

Gardening on your deck is possible as these pictures show.

As you can see I am lucky to have two decks; one I have arranged mostly my tropical plants which I keep inside during the winter months and some flowers to add color, and my larger deck which houses my strawberry upside down container, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, green beans, and various flowering plants.

Note, that the cucumbers have only been planted in the last few weeks but are growing.   The strawberries have been out on my deck for several weeks now and as you can see they are flourishing in their upside down containers with small strawberries growing already.  I have planted beefsteak, yellow, grape, red, and cherry tomatoes and some of the plants already have flowers on them.  My lettuce and green beans are doing great for just a few weeks and I have, as already mentioned used some of the green onions in a potato salad I made two days ago.  I have two different chives growing and oregano which has decided it wants to reach for the sky.

My red dahlias are beautiful and so is my english daisy which is on my table.  Other flowering plants such as my petunias are starting to flower and the yellow petunias are out in bloom but the black petunias are just starting to bloom.  I have added red geraniums and sweet peas to both decks to attract the humming birds.  There are some flowering plants that I started inside that I now cannot remember what they are!  Anyone that can help me figure out what the plants with the big round green leaves are please leave me a message!

I am hoping that in a month or so my decks will be colorful and edible.  I already know that my deck is attracting beautiful birds and I cannot wait until the hummingbirds return!

Enjoy the pictures and I hope in a month or so to send you more pictures showing the progress.