English: Icterus galbula (Baltimore Oriole)

English: Icterus galbula (Baltimore Oriole) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A rope tornado in its dissipating stage, Tecum...

A rope tornado in its dissipating stage, Tecumseh, Oklahoma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my last blog I spoke of spring and the beauty that spring brings to us all in the new plants rising from the ground to the colorful birds that come to visit.  I mentioned that I had two beautiful orange Baltimore Orioles sitting on my tomato cages and how I enjoyed watching them look at my little deck garden.

With beauty also comes tragedy and sadness on how cruel the world can become so quickly.  A few days ago I was able to see one of the Baltimore Orioles again and at a very close distance.  Although I will never know exactly what tragedy took the life of one of the pair of Orioles I got to see alive on my deck, it was so sad to see one of them dead at the end of my driveway.  The Baltimore Oriole is such a brilliant orange color that this bird is still striking even in death.  It was a very sad event to see.

The next day I saw the other Baltimore Oriole sitting in a tree not too far from my deck whistling and not knowing better I could swear that this bird was singing a sad song for his lost friend.  I am just glad that this Oriole is sticking around for me to enjoy.

Tragedy has not only struck my Baltimore Oriole but has taken the life of a neighboring mother rabbit.  Left behind are two baby rabbits who are managing to strike it out on their own after their mother’s death.  Of course my neighbors have been feeding these baby rabbits and keeping an eye out for them as they have nested under their front porch stairs.  I caught a glimpse of one just the other day as they were hopping around the yard; so cute.  I have to wonder if they will make it to adulthood with all the predators in our neighborhood.  I hope they do.

It seems tragic events have occurred elsewhere as the recent tornadoes have taken human lives.  I am a firm believer that with beauty comes cruelty.  We appreciate the beauty and measure beauty against tragedy and that is how the world turns.  This is a fact of life as one dies another is born and so life continues on.

It would seem cruel to leave my readers on such sad tales so to cheer you up let me say that my flowers are blooming, my cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce are growing quite nicely and I have already eaten green onions.  My strawberry plants are fantastic and I took some pictures which hopefully I can share with you soon.