A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers.

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, I have confirmation that spring has indeed arrived.  On my two decks I have flowers blooming, tomato plants growing, strawberries growing, cucumbers getting new leaves, lettuce and green beans sprouting out of their boxes.  My dahlia has already produced a beautiful red flower with the anticipation of my flowers to come as the buds get bigger.  My petunias are growing, although they have not flowered yet, but I have pansies, and english daisies with beautiful flowers to enjoy for the time being.  I can see my sweet peas growing and other flowers that I have planted from seeds are coming up and growing.  My hibiscus has several beautiful pink flowers and I am sure that it will be producing many more during the summer months.  The addition of all this color to my deck and the smell of my tomato and strawberry plants are drawing the attraction of some beautiful birds that I have had the pleasure of seeing up close.

English: Floral arrangement of petunias in Col...

English: Floral arrangement of petunias in Columbus, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of drawing my attention to the dove cooing from on top of my air conditioner in my bedroom.  As I was watching TV I heard this cooing that did not seem to be coming from the program I was watching and for a moment I wondered what was going on until I realized it was coming from outside my window.  Looking for the bird in the nearby trees and not seeing anything at first, my attention was drawn to a dove watching me from on top of my air conditioner.  Cooing at me as if to get my attention and when my attention was finally caught this bird gave me a look as if to say “well its about time you noticed me”!

Mourning Doves Cooing Backyard Birds

Mourning Doves Cooing Backyard Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mourning Doves Cooing Backyard Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was a day full of surprises as the lonely dove was just the beginning.  As I was walking past my deck sliders later in the day, I noticed two doves walking on top of my deck railings looking around at my flowers and vegetables as if to say, gosh this seems like a nice spot.  Within minutes I had an extra special treat as two birds with brilliant orange chests sat on top of one of my tomato cages looking right at me.  They looked so tropical that for a moment I wondered if someone lost their pet birds; their orange chests were so vibrant that I was stunned at the beauty!  I tried to find out what kind of birds they were and the closest I could figure out was that they were Baltimore Orioles, although pictures of this type of bird did not do justice to what I just witnessed.

I cannot wait for the hummingbirds to come as I know they will with all the colorful flowers and the feeder that I have put out for them.

Yes, spring is a wonderful time of year with the promise of color, wild life, and warm weather!