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So it’s Spring?

Night-blooming jasmine Cestrum nocturnum

Night-blooming jasmine Cestrum nocturnum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we have all been waiting for spring and so now it is spring or so we like to think so.  We keep going to our local gardening store seeing what flowers, vegetables, etc. that we can buy to make our outdoor living space look like spring.  The daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers are in full bloom and you would think that we would be satisfied with that.  But no, we crave more!  Personally, I have already bought petunias but cannot put them outside yet as they would die.  I do have strawberries growing in  up-side-down containers on my deck and they seem to be doing great with some fruit already showing and many flowers.  I have planted lettuce and even green beans, but yet I crave more!  There are certain flowers and shrubs that have not come in yet; for example I am eager to purchase a night-blooming jasmine shrub which opens its flowers at night and emits a jasmine fragrance.  But this won’t come in for another couple of weeks!  I would love to get started on cucumbers and tomatoes but it is still too early for these vegetables too!  Oh, we are all waiting for May when there will be this scrambled frenzy to get started on all the flowers, vegetables, and fruits that we eagerly have been waiting all winter to see growing in our garden!

English: Implied-contracts exception to at-wil...

English: Implied-contracts exception to at-will employment. Blue states have no such exception; red states have some implied-contract exception. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Massachusetts is an “At Will Employment” state.  What does this mean to you and me?  Well, basically it means that every employee has the right to quit whenever they want.  However, just as an employee has the right to quit whenever they want so does the employer have the legal right, without repercussions, to fire any employee whenever they want and for no legal reason.  So, even though you may be a loyal great employee who enjoys their job, your employer without any reason can legally fire you whenever they choose to do so.  You have no rights.

English: Novamoxin Prescription Drug - Amoxici...

Next time you need to have your drug prescription re-filled you may be surprised at what are the actual costs involved.  In order to have a drug prescription re-filled you need to make an appointment with your doctor.  A doctor’s visit usually has a co-pay of at least $10 or more.  To actually go to your doctor’s appointment you will need to take time off work, so count on at least 2 hours (including travel time to and from the doctor’s office) and hope that your doctor is on schedule that day and not running late.  So you now have your prescription in hand and your headed to the pharmacy.  There you will have another cost, a co-pay of at least $10, to fill the prescription.

If we really want to get picky on calculating the cost of your prescription, don’t forget to add in the cost of getting to and from and to and from the pharmacy.  Whether you drive or take public transportation there is also this added cost to

calculating how much your prescription is going to cost you.

So, the next time you need to re-fill your prescription keep in mind what costs are actually involved.  You may be surprised!

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