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Author:  L. L. Plante, February 11, 2012

Computers can be a blessing or a headache depending on what you are trying to accomplish at any given time.  While I enjoy the many advantages that today’s computer technology affords us and find that I use my computer more and more for many things I would not have dreamed of doing just a few years ago, I do find that it can be a chore at times.  For example, many web sites require the use of a username and password; for example accessing your bank account, your credit cards, and even wordpress require you remembering each username and password.  Do not get me wrong, these are good safeguards; however, how are we computer users suppose to remember all those usernames and passwords?  How many of us have tried to access a web site only to get frustrated because we have forgotten what our username or our password is?  Yes, our computers will remember some of these usernames and in some cases our password but with all the hacking done in today’s cyberspace should we trust our computer to remind us of this information.

I, for one, am a little apprehensive in trusting my computer to automatically remember this information for me.  However, it gets to a point where you just cannot remember all this information and which username or password you should be using for which website!

Another chore that has been added to my daily list of things I must do is to check my emails.  If your like me, you may have more than one email account and going through hundreds of emails can be time-consuming, let alone reading the ones that you have not designated as spam.

Computers are supposed to make life easier and in some ways they certainly do accomplish this.  For example, I can do my banking online and I can pay my bills online.  If I want to check out homes for sale or looking for another apartment, I am certainly going to rely on doing research on my computer before pounding the pavement.  If I am not sure how to do something or want to check the weather, my computer is a faithful companion and accommodates me quickly.  But with the good, we also have to deal with the negative or bad aspect of computers.  Yes, they do make life easier in many good ways but they are also taking up our time in many respects.

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